Professional Plan


This is our "mother of all hosting plans". With endless amounts of disk space and bandwidth, it can handle all but the most demanding web applications. If you need more than this, you should probably get your own server. Apart from PHP and MySQL, this plan also supports Java applications through Tomcat, the leading open source servlet engine.


This plan comes with 20 mailboxes, fully protected against viruses and spam. Additionally, you can access your mailbox from anywhere in the world through webmail. You will also have access to our mailing list server, allowing you to communicate with your customers effortlessly through newsletters, announcements and discussions.


In addition to MySQL, this plan also offers PostgreSQL support. PostgreSQL is the leading open source RDBMS with support for stored procedures, triggers and referential integrity. For easy administration, you can access your databases remotely through our web based control panel. PostgreSQL also supports direct remote connections using your PostgreSQL client of choice.


In addition to PHP, this plan also supports the scalable Java platform. Tomcat is a Java 2 compliant servlet engine with support for the latest JSP and servlet specifications. You will also receive a DBCP connection pool to your database of choice.


500 MB Disk Space
20,000 MB Data Transfer
20 Mailboxes
PHP Support
Ruby on Rails new!
MySQL Database
Java Support
PostgreSQL Database

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